The Europa Disc Padlock Picked (Model P-370) is advertised as "UNPICKABLE" by the manufacturer. It took the Lockpicking Lawyer 15 seconds to open it using basic lockpicking tools.

The LockPickingLawyer has a new video, in which he defeats a fancy biometric biometric fingerprint gun safe in a few seconds using a “jiggler” key. Image: YouTube

It’s frustrating to buy an article of clothing from a store, then get home and discover that the ink-filled inventory control tag is still attached. This happened to the Lock Picking Lawyer, but instead of wasting a lot of time returning to the store, he was able to safely remove the tag at home in […]

These transit safes were designed to keep people from snooping or stealing contents of FedEx packages but look how easily this guy picks the lock using simple lockpicking tools. [via Doobybrain] Image: YouTube

When the SNES launched back in the early 1990s, it changed gaming forever. One of the innovations was a gamepad with four action buttons — something that has remained a constant on controllers ever since. The 8BitDo SN30 Bluetooth Gamepad brings that iconic design up to date, with Bluetooth connectivity and support for multiple platforms. […]

After a long day at work, cooking a meal from scratch can seem like too much trouble. Unfortunately, the alternative is usually something unhealthy. Enter the Mellow Sous Vide Precision Cooker. This compact water bath uses cutting-edge technology to cook meat and veggies at the perfect temperature for exactly the right amount of time. It […]

In the course of any day, we encounter many different audio environments. If you are wearing earbuds, the ambient noise level can affect your listening experience. The HUB wireless earbuds adapt to different surroundings using smart noise-cancellation technology. They can either block out distractions or enhance conversations. They are normally priced at $250, but you […]

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